From Fall 2019 to Spring 2020 I worked on my Haverford senior thesis, which was submitted to both the linguistics and computer science departments. It investigated the usage of transfer learning between unrelated languages to augment neural morphology models. You can find it, including the full PDF, on GitHub.

Programming Languages

I'm an enthusiast of programming languages and programming language theory. I've written non-trivial code in Python, Java, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, Golang, Haskell, and Scala. Hopefully Rust, OCaml, and Idris will soon make appearances on this list.

I also design programming languages and programming language-adjacent things. These include Teko, an in-progress statically typed scripting language whose selling points include structural typing; Azor, a toy functional language; and TSON, a statically-typed data interchange format that's a superset of JSON.


I'm a casual musician, playing guitar, keys, and my Launchpad. I enjoy theory and composition, and my outlook on music is indebted to online educators including Adam Neely, 12Tone, Andrew Huang, David Bennett, Paul Davids, and Jake Lizzio.

In particular, I'm very interested in the theory of tonality (including microtonality) and musical scales. I've done a lot of computational music theory work, all of which can be found here, a command-line tool with utilities for searching for and analyzing tuning systems, chords, and scales, as well as ear training exercises in standard tuning and microtonal tunings.

I haven't published any musical compositions online yet, but if you wait around I might soon!

Language Learning

I enjoy learning languages for fun. Besides English, which I speak natively, I am also a proficient reader and rusty but competent conversationalist with Dutch as well as moderately comfortable in Mandarin. I have the terrible habit of casually learning many languages at once, and I have a working familiarity (approximately A1-A2 level, or ability to understand given a dictionary) with Spanish, Russian, and Turkish. I'm also a casual Esperantist and have attended social events conducted in Esperanto.

I can be found on Duolingo, Memrise, and HelloTalk.

Creative Writing

I've been trying my hand at fiction writing since the beginning of 2019. Here are two selected short pieces:

Eight Minutes | The Oukrri Toukkri