Here's a sampling of a few personal and professional projects I've worked on recently.

Web-Based Projects

The project that takes the most of my time at the moment is lead development for Fleet Sheets, an early-stage initiative within The Kyrium Group that only recently begun earning revenue! Unfortunately I cannot release the source code for the project, but it's an application built in Django that scrapes several free email services for information about private plane sales and aggregates them into custom spreadsheets for subscribers.

Ticha is an online platform for documenting and analyzing original texts in Colonial Valley Zapotec, an indigenous language of southern Mexico, based at Haverford College. It's a collaboration between the linguistics department and Haverford Digital Scholarship, one of my current employers.

Other Technical Projects

Check the pinned repositories on my Github to see the projects I'm most excited about right now. These include Teko, a statically typed scripting language I'm working on, and Plainclothes, a somewhat whimsical set of experiments in language modeling and compression.

I have created a some deep learning applications in Python. As part of my coursework in Fall 2017 I co-wrote an RNN language model of Reddit's /r/Scotland subreddit. A github link can be found here.

I also created in my spare time an evolutionary simulation of worms with RNN brains learning to navigate obstacles across a screen. Below are images of untrained worms (left) and the worms after about ten generations of learning (right). Full source code can be found here.

Research and Writing

I've authored and co-authored a number of research projects recently.

The most substantial is the research I conducted in summer 2017 with Ivy, proposing and beginning preliminary implementation of several new strategies for their core product, natural language understanding software which reads the web and answers questions from university site visitors. The products of that research are under proprietary ownership of Ivy and cannot be given here.

I also conducted several related research projects in fall 2017 related to the Colonial Zapotec language, an indigenous language of 16th-18th century Mexico known only through archived legal and religious documents. A curated edition of part of Leonardo Levanto's 1632 Cathecismo, which I co-authored, can be found here. I also conducted an individual research project investigating the usage of the covert subject morphosytactic construction in Zapotec, an example of descriptive linguistic writing.

With Dynalect I wrote weekly feature pieces and cowrote monthly in-depth industry reports, such as this one about clean water access.

Language Learning

I enjoy learning languages for fun. Besides English, which I speak natively, I am also a proficient reader and rusty but competent conversationalist with Dutch as well as moderately comfortable in Mandarin. I have the terrible habit of casually learning many languages at once, and I have a working familiarity (approximately A1-A2 level, or ability to understand given a dictionary) with Spanish, French, Russian, and Turkish.

I can be found on Duolingo, Memrise, and HelloTalk.